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Oh, She’s Sooo Great!

December 6, 20130 Comments

Raegan Payne is an actress, writer and philanthropist living in Los Angeles. When she’s not writing plays, she’s volunteering and blogging about her experience. She is the quintessential multi-hyphenate making her way in the world. We spoke to her on Valentines Day 2013 and picked her for our College Finals Week rebroadcast. She’s going to join us again in 2014, so here’s your primer for the next interview. Enjoy!


Puente Mexico

September 13, 20130 Comments

Kate Seely and Katherine Lorenz co-founded Puente to help combat poverty and hunger in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ten years into their partnership, they have seen beautiful success and have gained a staff of ten and a partnership with the Ford Foundation. Listen and learn about their keys to success.



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