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March 22, 20140 Comments

“Enough noise to work.” Centered around an academic study that labeled constant ambient sound as a cornerstone for creating the perfect creative environment, Coffitivity is perfect background noise for creative people. Justin Kauszler and ACe Callwood created the company based on their favorite work environment and now have thousands of die-hard fans. This is the story behind the website, app and environment.  http://coffitivity.com/


Mel Nelson loves coffee

January 24, 20140 Comments

Melanie Nelson and her husband, Andy own 5 Sparrows, a company dedicated to coffee. For the Nelsons, coffee is as much a way of life as an occupation. For eight years, they owned and operated a specialty espresso business on the beautiful west shore of Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana. They evolved into devoted baristas and found great pleasure in working with ther hearts, ther minds and ther hands as a means to connect with people.   It was out of this earnest dedication that 5 Sparrows was born.




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