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A former financial executive and corporate educator, now business consultant, speaker, certified workplace and life coach and author, Jay is a nationally ranked Thought Leader and President/Founder of TGZ Group LLC. He teaches and coaches managers and business owners in how to attract, hire, engage and retain a superstar workforce. He also instructs individuals on how to connect to their talents and passions to applications in today’s world to achieve extraordinary personal and professional results. The author of “Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition” and “The Greatness Zone – Know Yourself, Find Your Fit, Transform The World,” Jay is a powerhouse of amazing inspiration for everyone.

Jus-ACeACe Callwood and Justin Kauszler are co-founders of, an ambient sound website used globally. Coffitivity brings you the sounds of a coffee shop environment when you yourself cannot physically be there. Listed as one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2013, is a virtual environment provider proven by science to enhance creative cognition. Centered around an academic study that labeled constant ambient sound as a cornerstone for creating the perfect creative environment.  You can usually find ACe and Justin in a coffee shop with their laptops or at a local bar brainstorming over craft brews. In their spare time, they enjoy — who are we joking, they have no spare time. They’re entrepreneurs.

Coffitivity – Enough Noise to Work 


Elaine-bioOn Christmas Day 2008, Elaine Astrue was riding in a car headed to San Diego on I-5. The wind was extremely strong and they drove through the worse dust storm she had ever seen. Visibility was nil at times. Then, they hit a stopped car on the freeway. Her head hit the back of the seat in front of her. It happened all at once, like a flash of light.  Elaine healed, but had suffered a traumatic brain injury. She is now fighting back with stubbornness, compassion and commitment. Her story of recovery is ongoing in her blog, Route 66, a Journey.


Kirk_BowmanIn August 2009, Kirk Bowman was the advocate for hourly billing. The advocate for value pricing, Jonathan Stark, said “If you bill by the hour, there is an artificial limit on your income.” Kirk’s internal reaction was “Hell no!” He spent the next 3 months studying value pricing. Shortly thereafter, Kirk made a public commitment to switch from hourly billing to value pricing for MightyData, my software company. Within 12 months, he made the switch to value pricing with all my customers and increased his company’s revenue by 56% during the first year. Now a steadfast advocate for the practice, Kirk founded Art of Value to help others move to value pricing. 


RL cover copyRemi Lavictoire is an IT Professional with 10 years experience, but his first love was radio. He now hosts the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast with Ian Fults and Jonathan Colbon. The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast is a weekly podcast about the Sci-Fi Movies that we all love!



Frank Gustafson,  is a writer, coach, speaker and Marine with a passion for helping people. He founded his company One Bold Move in 2013 and began his podcast “Lead Like a Marine” to fulfill his mission to educate, encourage and empower entrepreneurs. His list of goals include becoming a certified public speaker, hosting a panel at New Media Expo and taking his ebook, “14 Core Leadership Traits –  a Marine Corps Approach to Business Leadership” to print. In the process, he is sure to help countless entrepreneurs get their start. 


Mike Mataluni

Michael Mataluni lives in Orlando, Florida with his talented wife and three children. While living in Oregon he and his wife were foster parents to 7 children over a two year period.  They are child advocates and are passionate about bringing possibility to kids in need. He launched his podcast, Kick Ass Dad in order to engage parents and create a community of like minded people. “It is only by investing in ourselves, that we can invest more in our children,” Mike says.  “When you can do that, you will have the energy to do more than you have ever imagined.” In the podcast Mike and his friends debunk the myths of parenting.  “If we can summon the courage to speak up and get honest, we can help each other succeed at the most important job we will ever do.”


DinoDino Dogan is the Founder of Triberr, the Social Network for bloggers that sends over 2 million monthly visits (and growing) to its members. Dino is often the subject of stories pertaining to business and technology on Forbes, Yahoo!News, and BizJournal. His startup has been featured on thousands of blogs, including Technorati, Huffington Post, Business Insider, INC, and many others. Dino is a recovering Network Engineer, Singer/Songwriter, and a Biz Blogger. By all accounts, he is a quiet reader but a loud Public Speaker. Dino is frequently featured as an expert commentator on new technologies and latest Social Media developments on sites like ReadWriteWeb. He calls himself the Global Force for Badassery, and I believe him. 



For Melanie Nelson, coffee is as much a way of life as an occupation. For eight years, she and her husband, Andy owned and operated a specialty espresso business on the beautiful west shore of Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana. Her company, 5 Sparrows is the result of her passion; their café products line is comprised of superior ingredients, methodically prepared and routinely tested to ensure perfection.  From product application to marketing, sales or shipping Melanie is committed to finding new ways to defy convention and bring her customers, both domestic and international, an unparalleled experience.


Jeff Gitterman sm

Jeffrey Gitterman is Founder and CEO of Beyond Success Consulting, which he started in 2008. Beyond Success is an innovative coaching and consulting firm that combines holistic ideas with the world of business and wealth management. Jeff pairs this endeavor with the company he founded 24 years ago: Gitterman & Associates Wealth Management, LLC. They are a full service investment advisory firm providing financial planning and asset management solutions to individuals and entities that help build, protect and distribute wealth. The combination of these two talents, wealth management and coaching, enables him to help others redefine the meaning of prosperity, as he does in his book, Beyond Success.


bpepaj_image_smBabette is a true entrepreneur: CEO and founder of BakeSpace, Inc., and TECHmunch. She is a dynamic a multimedia producer with more than a decade of experience creating trend-setting network television programming. Babette launched multi-Webby honored in 2006 as the Web’s first food social network. She then democratized cookbook publishing with – the first DIY platform that lets anyone publish and sell a cookbook as an ebook and iPad app. She also created the traveling TECHmunch Food Blogger Conference.


jeff_hestersmDr. Jeff Hester is an astrophysicist with a long and impressive scientific career. He spent 11years at NASA as a member of JPL’s Science Staff and was one of about a dozen people who constituted the science team responsible for the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, which is the camera that restored the capability of the Hubble Space Telescope. He is Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University, having taught physics and astronomy for over 20 years. Today he works with leaders, companies, and organizations ready to move past groupthink, complacency and wishful thinking and find success by facing Reality Straight Up.


jfriedlander1With a long list of specialties: sustainable business strategy and implementation, coo, competitive analysis, customer relations, entrepreneurship, brand design, financial modeling, french, marketing, quick service industry, new venture creation, spanish, arabic, natural and organic foods, ecotourism, Professor Jay Friedlander is a wealth of information and inspiration to his students at College of the Atlantic.  He is the Sharpe-McNally Chair of Green and Socially Responsible Business and also serves as Adjuct Professor for Entrepreneurship at Babson College. From the Peace Corps to COO, Jay has seen it all.



James Spencer is Director of the Rensselaer Technology Park and the Emerging Ventures Ecosystem – RPI’s Distributed Incubation Program. He is an experienced expert in entrepreneurship and business incubation having founded his own businesses in robotics and real estate and serving as University of Central Florida’s Associate Director of Research and Commercialization. A graduate of Brown University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he is taking all of his experience and drive to make this world a better place.


GUESTcesarcruzCesar Cruz is the first Mexican immigrant male to attend Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education in the Doctoral Program for Educational Leadership. In addition to being a teacher for 19 years, this husband, father, and activist co-founded Oakland, CA’s Homies Empowerment Program to stop gang violence. Cesar’s dream is to utilize his time at Harvard University to find funding and support to one day launch an after-school center for Oakland youth in areas of high gang violence. He has authored two books: “Revenge of the Illegal Alien” and “Youth Wisdom,” both of which can be found at


GUESTreigningmonarchsMichael Eisenstein and Greg Behrendt are the core of the Reigning Monarchs, a band that combines surf guitar, reverb, brass quadrophenia and punk.  Michael Eisenstein is a guitarist who attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has been a member of the band Letters To Cleo and now tours with Melissa Ethridge.  Greg Behrendt should be known for may things. He’s a brilliant lifelong comedian who accidentally became the best selling co author of the inescapable “He’s Just Not That Into You.” He was the host of the Greg Behrendt Show and the foremost collector of small glass pig figurines or (“pigurines”).


GUESTjustinJustin Johnson works with his friend Erik Beck developing content for their production venture, “The Indie Machines.” He was the first creative hire at Next New Networks back in February of 2007. “I’ve been working in the field of online video since 2001, including the terrible pre-YouTube era full of scary things like FTP servers, and having to pick what codec you wanted to use! Yikes!” He created and fostered multiple communities of filmmakers and film fans with various side projects, such as the short film competition site, the video contest listing site, and the recent viral smash, a time machine for YouTube (and associated app, Video Time Machine). In 2011, his Video Time Machine app became the #1 iPad app in America, eclipsing Angry Birds and many more. “That was crazy, and awesome.”


GUESTryanparkerRyan Parker has been in the food world his entire life. He started cooking as a small child with his Great Grandmother Iva Ruthruff. Since 5th grade, he knew he wanted to be a chef. After attending Western Culinary Institute (WCI) in Portland Oregon, he pursued a career working in restaurants. “I have worked with some amazing Chefs over the years at various restaurants. The first restaurant I worked for was Dusty’s Wine Bar in Okemos, MI. The Chef hired me on as a prep-cook and three months later I found myself as a Sous-Chef in charge of opening the kitchen every morning.”

After several years, Ryan took a short break from restaurants and became a consultant for The Michigan Athletic Club. It was there that he realized he loved educating people and returned to school for a Masters degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Florida International University. He is now a culinary instructor himself and enjoys podcasting in his spare time. Ryan currently lives in Alameda, CA with his girlfriend Mikey and two dogs Sonny & Sammy.


GUESTwoffordMonica Wofford, CSP is the CEO and founder of Contagious Companies, Inc. a WBENC Certified Business Enterprise. She has built this training and consulting firm since 2003 out of her passion for developing leaders and uses her skills as an engaging and entertaining professional speaker and trainer to help those who have been promoted, but not prepared. While Monica is the CEO of Contagious Companies, she is also an internationally requested speaker and the author of six books, including Make Difficult People Disappear and Contagious Leadership.

Monica delivered her first keynote speech at the age of 18 to an audience of 8600 fellow high school and college students. Since that time her skills and her audiences have grown. She has spoken in all 50 US states and internationally to more than half a million audience members and has been called “the best trainer ever seen!” 


GUESTtoddhenryTodd is the founder of Accidental Creative, a company that helps creative people and teams generate brilliant ideas. His podcast, The Accidental Creative is a great warmup to his two books. Todd’s first book, The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice offers strategies for how to thrive in the creative marketplace and has been called “one of the best books to date on how to structure your ideas, and manage the creative process and work that comes out of it” by Jack Covert.  His latest book, Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day, unlocks the forces that cause even the brightest, most skilled people to become stagnant in their life and career, and introduces practices that help then build a body of work they can be proud of. 


GUESTalicialongAlicia Long co-authored Capitol Hell with her best friend Jayne Jones. The book is the story of the life of a young Congressional Staffer working in the Senate and it has garnered numerous accolades. The novel is great for anyone who has experienced working for a tough boss and is a must-read for anyone who has worked in our nation’s capitol. Alicia Long is originally from Hartford, South Dakota, a small town just outside of Sioux Falls.  In 2003, she received her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  Upon graduation, she moved to Washington, D.C. to work on Capitol Hill.  In 2007, Alicia returned to the Twin Cities to pursue her J.D. at the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Currently Alicia works as an Attorney in the Domestic Crimial Law Section of the Chief Counsel’s Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Alicia currently resides in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia with her German Shepherd/Black Lab mix, Sarge. 


GUESTkatekatherineKate Seely, President of Puente Mexico first worked with amaranth in the summer of 2002, which spurred her to co-found Puente and co-direct the organization until 2006. Upon leaving Oaxaca in 2006, she became the President of the Board and maintains a strong connection and dedication to the organization and the communities it serves. Originally from San Francisco, Kate graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont where she studied Latin American Literature and Political Science. She has spent five years living in Latin America, during which time she was working in community development with marginalized communities.

Puente Mexico’s Board Treasurer/Secretary Katherine Lorenz co-founded Puente in 2003, serving as Co-Director and later Executive Director until 2008. Katherine is the president of the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, a grantmaking foundation focusing on environmental sustainability in Texas. Before founding Puente, she spent two summers living in rural villages in Latin America with the volunteer program Amigos de las Américas and later served on their program committee and as a trustee of the Foundation for Amigos de las Americas. Katherine holds a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Spanish from Davidson College.


Michael-Grandinetti2Michael Grandinetti has come a long way since he received his first magic set for Christmas at the age of 5.  When he was just 16, Michael designed and performed his first large-scale illusion when he caused a girl to vanish from the middle of an open football field and reappear in the stands among the astonished audience for his high school’s football halftime shows.  At 20, Michael created and produced his own two-hour show at Pittsburgh’s historic Byham Theater.  During the performance, a sold-out crowd of twelve-hundred people watched in amazement as Michael transformed fire into a 500 lb Harley-Davidson motorcycle in mid-air, brought a painting of a beautiful woman to life, and levitated on the point of a razor sharp sword.  That same year, Michael was honored to receive the City of Pittsburgh’s “All-Star Achievement Award”, given to those who have carved positive and noteworthy paths in their industry. Magic is Michael Grandinetti’s life.  Through his work, Michael is making the ancient art of magic modern, innovative, and exciting while showing audiences around the world that nothing is impossible.



John Elerick, a native Buckeye, moved to LA right after film school and dove in head-first with a project for Volkswagen. He has served in the industry as intern, PA, grip, camera operator and has edited three films and multiple TV series.  His production company, JLE Productions has created several commercials and also specializes in broadcasting and independent film. His dedicated audience knows him for his banned iPhone and iPad promos and for “The Gentleman’s Rant” on YouTube. His success hasn’t gone to his head, though. He still doesn’t plan, has few goals and doesn’t take himself seriously.



Steve Olsher is America’s Reinvention Expert and has taught thousands how to succeed by identifying and monetizing their WHAT: the one thing they were born to do. His unique approach for realizing permanent, positive change blends proprietary methods with ancient wosdom and revolutionary lessons from modern thought leaders and forms a proven system for ultimate achievement in business and in life. He as written three books, run multiple seminars and workshops and is a great motivational speaker.



Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Geoff Talbot is an innovative filmmaker, transmedia producer, marketing strategist and CEO of Genuine Ink Media. Geoff believes wholeheartedly in the power of the internet as a tool to connect and empower likeminded people. Together with his wife, Athaliah Renee, he writes Seven Sentences to inspire, to encourage, to listen and to equip a whole tribe of dreamers who are often pushed for time BUT who can easily make room to read Seven Sentences every day.



Brian Hepp took off in Minnesota and landed in Los Angeles. His career was inspired by entrepreneurship, but he found himself working in medical sales; he was doing well and making money, but hating his job. With the encouragement of his wife, he started Hepp’s Salt Barrel and fed his passion for business. From the downtown LA Farmers’ Market to Sur la Table, his success and his idea keeps growing.


kate7Richard Laver began his adult life as a tennis pro. Growing up in an athletic family gave him a good, solid start to what would become his entrepreneurial journey.  Richard and his wife Michelle are the co-founders of Kate Farms. The company was inspired by their daughter Kate Laver, who was born with Cerebral Palsy. At four years of age, Kate was failing to “thrive,” as her doctors put it. She was faced with feeding tubes, hospitals and numerous pharmaceutical drugs. They developed our own meal replacement shake in the kitchen one night, leaving out sugar and dairy and adding in superfoods.  Kate’s condition improved greatly.  Seeing radical results in the improvement of his daughter’s health from this product inspired Richard to share the Kate Farms’ solution with the world. Richard brings his love of people, passion for Kate and enthusiasm about helping others to everything he does.



cathy unruhRaised in Sussex County, Delaware on a hobby farm, author and animal rights advocate Cathy Unruh worked for 15 years as a broadcast journalist before meeting her husband in Florida. Her life changed completely and she wrote “TAMING ME: Memoir of a Clever Island Cat,” published October 2012 after a trip to Cat Cay in the Bahamas and subsequent adoption of her cat, Lucy Miracle. Still keeping a foot in the television media realm, she hosts “Up Close with Cathy Unruh” and other programs for WEDU Public Media and appears regularly via other media on behalf of animals. Along with her advocacy for animals, Cathy also partners with non-profit organizations that exist to benefit humans. “I believe in commitment to our communities and fellow citizens and that our compassion should extend to all creatures…I welcome your joining me in bettering the lives of all sentient creatures, from farm to family room.”


GUESTadamrubenAdam Ruben spent seven years at Johns Hopkins University earning his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. While there, he parlayed his healthy disdain for academia into a stand-up comedy act, which he has performed at clubs, colleges, and private venues across the country. He writes the humor column “Experimental Error” in the otherwise respectable journal Science and co-hosts the Discovery Channel’s new show “Outrageous Acts of Science.” Adam’s book “Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School” shows the sadistic and often hypocritical world of post-baccalaureate education through grad students’ own bloodshot eyes. The book is complete with diagrams, charts, and line-drawings to offer everything from ready-made answers for oral exams to tips for sleeping upright during boring seminars.


GUESTmattkellyMatt Kelly is a social media and digital marketer and author with a Bachelor of Business from Griffith University in Australia. He recently wrote ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Outsourcing With Confidence,’ a simple guide which covers the best practice strategies that aspiring entrepreneurs can apply immediately. He and Dave Thompson host the Living Outrageously podcast (the LOP) and he has a YouTube show called “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To.” He is currently playing with the Monkey Inferno group in San Francisco, California and is still Living Outrageously.


GUESTdaviddaneshgar2David Daneshgar is one of the founders of BloomNation, “the Etsy of flowers.” He helps bring the beauty of flowers from local florists to customers in an ever-growing number of  US locations. He studied economics at Berkley and began his career as a professional poker player in 2005 after a brief stint at Countrywide as a financial analyst. He founded DCDpoker and achieved one of the highest rankings in the game, winning a golden bracelet at the 2008 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. But he wanted something more. Now he is betting on his business and helping local florists with With his talents in psychology, equities, strategy, and competitive analysis, we think he’s going to win.


GUESTgusavila1Gus Brethome-Avila enjoys working with vibrant colors with different subjects of his Artwork. Gus holds a Bachelor degree in Urban Planning and an Associate of Science degree in Graphic design and is also a certified tennis pro. In his art, he uses materials that are all recyclable, from the hand-made wooden frames to recycled paint; he calls it “sustainable art”. Gus creates all his work himself, from making his own wooden frames, to mixing his own unique color palates.  Gus connects his artwork with what he sees in the everyday’s of life. His subjects are connections of his past, present and future and his work is fun, energetic, colorful and lighthearted with a hint of old and new pop culture.


GUESTadamshepardAdam Shepard graduated with a degree in Business Management and Spanish from Merrimack College in North Andover, MA. After graduation, Adam left his home state for Charleston, SC, embarking on a journey that has now become his successful first book, Scratch Beginnings. Scratch Beginnings tells the story of starting with $25, a sleeping bag, and the clothes on his back in a random city to test the values of hard work and discipline in today’s “me first, gotta have it right now” society. Adam’s most recent book, One Year Lived tells Shepard’s tales of travel and life lessons learned among seventeen countries, four continents, 42,134.6 miles, and one haunting encounter with a savage bull. In his spare time, he reads, plays tennis, and travels the country empowering audiences to elevate performance by taking initiative. His keynote speech What Will You Do Next? details strategies for capitalizing on both triumph and misfortune.


guest AndySacherAndy Sacher is a creative consultant, experience designer, nonprofit founder and LGBTQ activist. He has over 20 years experience as a creative director and producer with prestigious clients including Walt Disney, GameWorks, Idealab, USC and Port Discovery Children’s Museum. He is the founding executive director of The Lavender Effect, a not-for-profit foundation that is working to document and celebrate the heritage of the LGBTQ community to inspire future generations. Andy also owns Sacher Creative, a company that creates, develops and produces compelling public experiences for museums, theme parks, media and game companies, cultural organizations and research institutions.


Mike_Jaffe_Head_Shot_FormalMike Jaffe is a business and personal coach from New York City. He is the author of WAKE UP! Your Life is Calling. Why Settle for FINE When So much More is Possible? and founder of the Mike Jaffe Company. Mike was inspired to change his corporate career  path on September 10th, 2001 when he decided to take control of his own life by having breakfast with his wife and daughter. The events of September 11th made sure he couldn’t go back to his office in the World Trade Center. Now living in Massachusetts, he encourages everyone to “wake up and live life powerfully” whether he is giving a motivational speech, working with a small company, or working one-on-one with a coaching client; Mike is the “Human WakeUp Call.”


GUESTbenkeene1Ben Keene is the founder of Tribewanted, a group of people creating sustainable communities for ecotourism around the world. The tribe’s first community was on a Fijian island; they have moved on to create opportunities for adventure in John Obey, a fishing village in Sierra Leone and in the traditional Umbrian community of Monestevole, Italy.  Ben’s work outside of Tribewanted includes building social enterprises and tech, focusing on brand, communication, social media strategy, innovative and low-cost marketing, creative fundraising, recruitment, and web development consulting. He’s also a Founding Participant at THNK: The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership.


GUESTpaolotroiloPaolo Troilo was born in Taranto in 1972 to Antonio and Lucia Troilo. He lives and works in Milan. From 1997 to 2009  he worked as an advertising creative at Saatchi & Saatchi, and as Creative Director at Arnold Worldwide. He won the most prestigious international awards in the industry and in 2007 was announced as the best Italian creative along with Alessandro Sabini. Paolo is self-taught, drawing in pencil every day of his life since the age of four. In April 2005 he began to paint and at the end of a long, unconscious preparation for a change, he started painting with his fingers, abandoning the “tools of the art.” Paolo opened his first US exhibit at Coup d’Etat in San Francisco on March 13, 2013.


GUESTjoshsteckerAn actor, journalist, editor and entrepreneur, Josh Stecker began his journey as a waiter/actor in New York City. After 9/11, he returned to Los Angeles to pursue a career in journalism. Joshua was the former Manager of Magazine Publications for the Press-Telegram in Long Beach and editor of San Pedro Magazine, CLOUT Magazine, Seal Beach Magazine, Downey Magazine and Coastal Scene Magazine. After leaving the Press-Telegram, Joshua founded Empire22 Media, LLC, and is currently the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of San Pedro Today. He is also a contributor to Script Magazine, the number one magazine for screenwriters.

Joshua trained at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under Al Mancini and Milton Katselas, the Atlantic Theatre Company in New York City and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has appeared in various films and TV shows, such as “The Sopranos,” “Riding in Cars with Boys,” “Changing Lanes,” and “Angel Falls.”


GUESTlaurencefullerLaurence Fuller is an actor living in Los Angeles. He was raised in Australia then moved to England to study at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (alumni include Daniel Day-Lewis). After graduating he went into London’s West End theatre, where his performance in Madness In Valencia was critically acclaimed. He moved to the US and went on to star in the lead role opposite Oscar Nominated actor Robert Loggia in the Roman epic feature film “Apostle Peter and The Last Supper” (which reached Netflix top 10 most streamed upon release) and in the lead role opposite Max Cullen in the Australian ABC Network feature “Possession(s)”. Fuller recently booked a Series Regular in the 2012 pilot “Coached” opposite Tyler James Williams (Go On, Everybody Hates Chris) and is attached to the Roman Epic feature “Victrix! The Last Legion”


GUESTalanabelAlan Abel is a media provocateur who, at 81 is still working his magic. One of Abel’s earliest pranks took place in the late 1950s. Abel posed as a golf pro who taught Westinghouse executives how to use ballet positions to improve their game. He’s been at it ever since with his  two mockumentaries – Is There Sex After Death  (1971) and The Faking of the President (1976), multiple hoaxes and parodies, the most famous of which included his bogus Florida company “Euthanasia Cruises, Ltd.” His reputation has been crafted by his wit and was captured in a documentary film created by his daughter, Jenny.  Enjoy!



Exavier Pope is a Sports & Entertainment Attorney, Media Legal Analyst & Personality and a Fortune 500 Speaker. He is Principal Owner at The Pope Law Firm. On his journey from childhood poverty, he always kept his goals in mind. His goal now is to be the most recognized Sports and Entertainment Lawyer in Chicago, and one of the top 5 recognized nationwide by end of 2015. He is well on his way to being the host of his own syndicated sports/entertainment law program on TV/radio in spring of 2013 and we think you’ll agree. What an extraordinary motivator!



Raegan Payne was born in Murray, Kentucky, and moved around the south as a child. She attended Sewanee University and graduated Cum Laude with BAs in English and Theatre. She also studied abroad at Oxford’s Lincoln College, as well as British American Drama Academy at Balliol College. Raegan spends most of her free time writing her blog “The Good Muse,” in which she chronicles her mission to complete as many different volunteer activities as possible. Raegan’s specializations include: volunteering, non-profits, the entertainment industry, eating yummy vegetarian stuff, and all things “green” (including spinach).


harvey danger promo 1

Jeff Lin is a journalist, musician, computer scientist and entrepreneur from Seattle, Washington. He founded the indie rock band Harvey Danger in while attending the University of Washington in 1993.  The group found fame in 1998 with the hit single “Flagpole Sitta,” put out 3 studio albums and dissolved in 2009.  During their brief hiatus in 2001-2003, Jeff went back to UW for a second degree then moved on to work for Microsoft and start his own company, TinyLabs, LLC.  He is the Cofounder and President of Captricity, which allows anyone to turn paper-based data into structured electronic data. This venture won “Best Technology” Launch 1.0 in March of 2012. 


Seth BTrained in England as a Professional Actor, Seth Burnham has performed onstage and in film there, in Scotland, Seattle, and various other locations. He played a a weaselly carjacker, named Percy in the 2012 1000 Ways to Die Episode, vented his frustration in Wild Frames’ HUMAN ONSTAR, created SPIDERS as a short hobbit film, and played the lead in an intense short by Cathartic Films: LAST DAYS IN IRAQ. You’ve seen him on the front page of the Los Angeles Times in an article telling his story as a struggling actor. Seth grew up in New Hampshire and now lives in Los Angeles with his two cats, Griffin and Ophelia.



Dave Thompson and Matt Kelly are the hosts of the #1 iTunes Podcast, Living Outrageously, which addresses the endless opportunities available on this planet. In short, they enable others to take action and live their ideal life. They reach 60,000 people in 60 countries and have become the dynamic duo of the internet. 

Dave is the founder and Chief Results Coach at the Thompson Coaching Group International.  Originally a lawyer by training, Dave’s mission is to help people live outrageously by finding work that they absolutely love.  

Matt is a social media and digital marketer and author with a Bachelor of Business from Griffith University. He recently wrote The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Outsourcing With Confidence, a simple guide which covers the best practice strategies that aspiring entrepreneurs can apply immediately. Matt is serving as Digital Marketing Specialist at Allianz Global Assistance.  

“Impossible is an opinion,” say these two from Australia and they live life to the fullest.


Dennis Keeley has integrated the careers of artist, photographer, teacher and writer for more than 25 years. He has made photographs for hundreds of CD covers from Jazz to hip hop and now produces fine art projects for museums and galleries. His work has been exhibited in numerous shows and he is published internationally. In addition to being the current chair of the Photography and Imaging program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, he is also the Western Regional CoChair of the Society for Photographic Education and sits on the board of the Santa Fe Center for Photography.


Dan Nainan got his start by taking a comedy class to get over the nervousness of speaking on stage in his job as a demo engineer with Intel Corporation. After leaving Intel to pursue comedy, he has toured with Russell Peters and other notable comedians.  Dan has appeared on network television including “Last Comic Standing” as well as in feature films, on radio and in an Apple commercial.  He also performed at TED India, at a Toastmasters International convention, and he recently performed on the Muscular Dystrophy Association Labor Day Telethon live from Las Vegas.


Marion Kerr is an actor, writer, director and producer living in Los Angeles. Born in Sacramento, California, she attended UC Irvine and earned a BA in theater. Marion has held multiple lead, guest and supporting roles in television, theater and films, most recently with Keri Russell in “Dark Skies,” an upcoming supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Productions, Alliance Films and Dimension Films. Her own film, GOLDEN EARRINGS, was a success on the festival circuit. She also co-starred with her sister, Vivian, in LINES, a a short film set in the 19th century and inspired by the lives of the Bronte sisters.


Rémi Brun is one of Europe’s pioneers in Motion Capture. A graduate from one of France’s prestigious engineering schools Arts & Métiers and a PHD in Biomechanics, Remi has put theory to practice and has always been passionate about movement. Associate director of Actisystem in 1993 (the first Mocap company in Europe) in Dijon, then to London, Soho (1997-2000) and back to Paris to head the Motion capture team at Attitude Studio in Paris until 2006. Rémi created the company MocapLab in 2007 and is the current CEO.


Taylor Greenwood is a lifelong singer-songwriter who writes intimate, relatable and high-energy songs, snapshots of the way she sees the world.  Born into a musical family, Taylor has been surrounded by creativity her whole life. She wrote her first song at the age of thirteen, attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music and released two EPs before she was twenty-three years old. Today she is living in New York City, where she continues to sketch her life out on the piano.  “All Around Me” is her new EP, which takes you into her experience trying to make it all work in the city.


Gabrielle Thomas is an actor living in Los Angeles and Casting Producer at Premiere Radio Networks. A native of New England, she studied Communications and Theater, Art and Film at University of New Hampshire.  You have seen Gabrielle on TV in HOUSE and INDIE and in the movies VALENTINE’S COUPON BOOK, RECESSION GIFT COLLECTION, MAN OVERBOARD, and 5 SEX SCENES, to name a few. Gabrielle is multi-talented. Not only can she dance and snowboard, she can ride horses, jump rope double-dutch, drive a stick shift and is deadly with a long bow.


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