Kathleen Buczko is a communications strategist and entrepreneur living in Southern California. In her hometown of Detriot, Michigan, she attended Wayne State University. She is the mastermind behind multiple projects and businesses and her Trailer Talks crewmates are pretty sure she could take over the world if she wanted to.  In the meantime, she sets the direction of the show, gets all the balls rolling (sometimes they’re heavy and need to go uphill), and makes sure that everyone remembers that nothing is impossible.





Cecilie Korst grew up in the back woods of New Hampshire, narrowly escaping via the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University. Her ridiculous adventures with the Air Force, in Corporate America and on YouTube have earned her many giggles from friends and squinted eyes from family members. You can usually find Cecilie sitting in front of a camera for The Trailer Talks, editing at a couple of computers or organizing chaos if she’s not at a concert dancing like a fool.









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