Humble Beginnings: The Full Monte

April 19, 20140 Comments

We look back, look forward and look cross-eyed at ourselves. This is the story of The Trailer Talks from the very beginning to our plans for the future. We take requests! So, if you have anyone or anything you would like to see on our show, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


Dino Dogan in da house!

January 31, 20140 Comments

The Trailer Talks: Dino Dogan grew up in war-torn Bosnia. Upon a visit to the US, he stayed as a refugee and grew up to form an incredible internet company for good: triberr. His efforts to help content creators are admirable and his smile is infectious. He is a powerhouse and a positive force to be reckoned with. Enjoy!



August 31, 20130 Comments

Sometimes we get to reminiscing and go through all of the old footage. This time we realized that we deleted the last outtakes reel, so we decided to make another one. Here it is, kids. Be warned: this episode contains adult language.


John Elerick, the Gentleman

August 23, 20130 Comments

Filmmaker John Elerick talks about his Buckeye roots, his start in LA and his YouTube success: The Genlemen’s Rant. ┬áHis YouTube channel started with banned Apple product promotions and has a dedicated following. ┬áThis content is explicit, so consider yourself warned.



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